Scott Goldberg

Jason Bokor
G&B is a boutique law firm representing a diverse clientele. We are often called upon to represent our clients in administrative matters, transactional matters, personal injury litigation, tort defense, general commercial litigation and appellate practice. Jason Bokor, Esq. and Scott Goldberg, Esq., the partners of Goldberg & Bokor, LLP, are also the owners of Metropolitan Refunds.


  • Administrative Law - Supreme Court Article 78 Proceedings
  • Administrative Law - Proceedings before Administrative Agencies including, NYC Water Board, NYS Public Service Commission, NYC DEP, NYC DOF, among others
  • Real Estate Transactions & Litigation
  • Appellate Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Complex Personal Injury Litigation and Tort Defense

We pride ourselves in vigorously representing our clients and using our extensive experience and knowledge to maximize the likelihood of success. We routinely pursue novel theories that are a result of research and industry trends to best advance our client’s claims. We have been successful in prosecuting numerous cases on behalf of our clients that have included the reversals of final administrative determinations of the New York City Department of Finance, New York City Water Board, reversal of Tax Liens sold by the City of New York, reversal of New York City Water Board surcharges and significant recoveries in personal injury litigations.

When matters require special expertise, especially in the real estate tax and utility areas, we are often called upon by other law firms, property managers, property owners, consultants and title companies to provide representation.


Goldberg & Bokor, LLP
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